Welcome & Expectations

Hello, and welcome to OFITG History. This is a website for articles and videos on military and political history. These articles will cover mostly topics in history in which I specialize (such as the American Civil War, the Trans-Mississippi theater in particular) and which hold my interests. This includes but is not limited to such topics such as Republican Rome and Carthage, the Thirty Years War, the English Civil Wars, World War II, and the Vietnam War. Outside of these historical periods, I will also periodically focus on historical memory and its modern-day impacts. I may also occasionally feature works by guest authors on topics of their choice. All articles of a historical nature will include references to primary and secondary sources. All citations will follow guidelines established in The Chicago Manual of Style: Seventeenth Edition.

I will also have articles and posts on media and popular culture related to history, such as computer/video and tabletop wargames, books, and films. This includes miniature painting, discussions of popular historical films, and book reviews. This how portrayals of history in such media relate to historical memory.

Out of respect for you, dear reader, I will refrain from including modern political commentary, theological and religious discussions beyond the direct historical impacts of belief and the actions of believers and nonbelievers, and related modern controversies from my articles and posts.

I welcome comments and feedback, but ask that comments remain polite and civil. I reserve the right to remove or delete comments which promote hatred or bigotry in any form. Certain types of historical revisionism, such as Holocaust denial, will also not be tolerated.